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Firefighter Owned

Rugged Glory was established June 2017 by Eli Marrero, a career Firefighter/Paramedic with a creative passion to honor every first responder for their service. We are a firefighter owned business and our axes are proudly made right here in the USA.

Rugged Glory


Placing valiant and sacrificial service on display in a memorable way through creatively designed tools of the trade. A cornerstone in the role of exemplifying pride and honor in our courageous first responders and their families.


To create unique, inspiring and artfully crafted “tools of Trade”. Products that compel honor, pride, contribution and team work amongst all first responders.


God, family and the commitment to raise the level of pride and honor in the service of all first responders.

I’ve long been an admirer of the artistry of Rugged Glory, and recently took delivery of a beautifully executed axe plaque that embodies a true sense of achievement.  The staff at Rugged Glory went out of their way to make sure it was perfect, and it incorporates many elements that reflect the 150th Anniversary of the San Francisco Fire Department.

Dave Ebarle, Co-Chair SFFD Sesquicentennial

I have personally asked Rugged Glory to make three differently themed axes. All, and I mean ALL, of them are above and beyond what I expected! Thanks to all the team members of Rugged Glory for the axes! If you’re looking to give someone a custom axe, look no further! These guys do it right!

Fernando Gomez, Miami Dade Fire Rescue

Rugged Glory has created beautiful handcrafted axes for the Orlando Fire Conference for the last few years. These axes are the perfect gift for anyone in the fire service. Anyone needing ideas for gifts for years of service or retirements should check out the Rugged Glory line of products.

Steven M. Negedly, Director of the Orlando Fire Conference

Rugged Glory is an incredible company. Not only is the product quality and bar none, Eli has a huge heart to support nonprofits like ours at Next Rung.

Blake Stinnett, Founder/Director of Next Rung